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Finals Week (Mon Dec 9 - Sat Dec 14) - Retakes for WORD and EXCEL. If you did not pass either Word or Excel during the semester, you will have an opportunity to retake either/both exams during finals week. First come first serve; there might be a wait when you arrive depending on student volume. 
Toward the end of the week is always much busier, so plan accordingly.  

Have you completed the GMetrix Practice? 

You must complete the Gmetrix CORE SKILLS REVIEW and PRACTICE EXAMS! Very few students can pass MOS exams without completing the Gmetrix review modules and practice tests. Given this is your final opportunity to pass the MOS exams, you should follow this advice. 

  1. These are proctored exams for Online and Hybrid IS101 students only.

  2. If you are taking IS101 in the classroom, prior instructor permission is required to attend a proctored session.

  3. Do not go to the testing centers or the computer labs. The exam building and room number is clearly delineated on the schedule.

  4. The sessions are drop-in; no reservations required

  5. You must bring one form of government issued picture ID. Typically a drivers license is presented, but a passport, military ID, or Nevada state identification card are all acceptable. If you do not show a government issued picture ID, you will not be able to take the exam at that time. 

  6. The sessions are on a first-come, first-serve basis. There might be a wait time depending on when you arrive. 

  7. No exam may be started after the Last Exam Start Time listed.

  8. You should have a Certiport.com student account prior to arriving at the exam location. (See Certiport menu selection above)

  9. You should know your Exam Group ID; your instructor has put this on the syllabus.  This exam group id should be stored in your Certiport.com account. 

  10. Each student may take one exam per session. If you need to take 2 exams, you will be accommodated if there are no other students waiting. 

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